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Latest news... BBR is temporarily in lock down


My first priority is protect staff - especially right hand man (lady) Katie Milner so we've made the heart wrenching decision to close BBR, batten down the hatches. I must consider also vendors regarding potential poor sellers if there's no viewing, or sale day 'hype', plus the mind boggling fiasco that could surround after auction activities. BBR 163 was posted out on time  another due for June. The SummerNational will be replaced on Sunday 5 July afternoon with a special LIVE event - listen and watch from home, pre-order the SPECIAL Ltd Edition A4 catalogue before June! FUTURE AUCTION LOTS can be dropped off any time, or contact us for pick up in one of our Nationwide trips after all this is over - email: alan@onlinebbr.com BBR Auctions past catalogues with RESULTS, can be found on: www.easyliveauction.com

ANY questions email: sales@onlinebbr.com