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Latest news... BBR’s WinterNational 19 & 20th January

2019 is set to get considerably busier for BBR ensure you miss NONE of the NEW sale dates we are introducing.

NEXT UP is our quarterly regular Spring Extravaganza w/e on Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 April - set to offer 2 very  'alive & exciting' two days of auctions to include much fresh to market material from two collections... and that's prior to the Sunday set up by the bevy of bustling/ bargain presenting stallholders in Blg 21 - from all corners of the UK - an unequalled UK range to excite the most jaded of collectors?

AFTER THAT we present another, escalatingly popular, Absentee Online Auction - this with some rather choice items already comsigned - no doubt attracted by our very generous LOW commission rates AND increasingly speedier pay-outs - concludes Sunday 19 May.

JUST ONE WEEK later & we present the first of our 2 Antique Advertising & Breweriana Auctions - Sunday 26 May

Looking further ahead it's already heads down on the 29th UK SummerNational on Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 July - already over HALF FULL with bookings (that on Tuesday 19 February)..... ALL BBR Auctions, & past catalogues with results, can be found on: www.easyliveauction.com

ALL enquiries/ questions email: sales@onlinebbr.com